Approved March, 2014


  • Is responsible for the general management of the affairs of the Association
  • Conducts each meeting of the Association, or arranges for another officer to conduct the meeting.
  • Schedules and presides over meetings of the Board of Directors as needed to conduct the business of the Association
  • Negotiates annual contract with the hosting venue, in cooperation with the Board of Directors
  • Shares check-signing authority with the Treasurer

Vice-President and Programs Chairperson

  • Arranges for both craft talks (club members) and outside guest speakers
  • Keeps an Excel spreadsheet of the booked speakers and sends to the Secretary as often as necessary to provide on-going list of upcoming programs
  • Follows up with guest speakers to confirm their dates and requests biography when necessary for introduction at the luncheon
  • Either introduces the guest speaker at the luncheon or arranges to have the person who recommended the speaker make the introduction
  • Follows up with thank you notes to guest speakers after their presentation
  • Is prepared to conduct the meeting should the President not be able to attend
  • Attends meetings of the Board of Directors throughout the year

Treasurer and Registrar

  • Is responsible for the care and custody of all of the funds of the Association
  • Prepares and distributes quarterly dues statements for all members
  • Collects and deposits dues payments from members
  • Shares check-signing authority with the President
  • Maintains the financial records for the Association
  • Prepares and submits quarterly financial reports for the Association
  • Maintains meeting attendance records for corroboration with billing from the host venue, and for billing members for guests
  • Executes all official documents for the Association as required by the State of Texas, when duly authorized by the Board of Directors
  • Attends meetings of the Board of Directors throughout the year

Secretary and Communications Chairperson

  • Notifies the membership about weekly meetings
  • Oversees the maintenance and updating of the Association website
  • Notifies the membership about special events or other member-related news
  • Attends and keeps the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings throughout the year
  • Keeps minutes of the weekly meetings and publishes them along with any leads that were given. (Hasn’t been done in recent years.)

Membership Chairperson

  • Meets and greets visitors to determine their interest in joining the group
  • Determines if a potential member represents a conflict with a current member and/or consults with a current member to determine if there is a conflict
  • Explains the application process and fee to potential members
  • Provides potential members with an application and a copy of the Bylaws and/or directs potential members to the Association’s website
  • Checks references provided by potential members
  • Presents applications from potential members to the Board of Directors with recommendation
  • Announces Board-approved applications to the Association membership at 3 consecutive meetings
  • Fields concerns about potential members and reports to the Board of Directors with recommendation
  • Notifies potential members of acceptance or rejection by the Association
  • Identifies membership openings, actively recruits new members to fill the openings and/or solicits assistance from the membership to fill openings
  • Attends meetings of the Board of Directors throughout the year


  • Interprets the Bylaws
  • Keeps order in the meetings
  • Attends meetings of the Board of Directors throughout the year