Jeff Jackson 2014 300x225by Jeff Stewart, CCIM

For many years I kept a clipping taped to my computer monitor. It is gone now, but the sentiment has stayed with me. My apology to whoever first wrote it, for not only do I not remember their name but I also have to paraphrase what they wrote. The general gist was something like this:

Relationship trumps price.

Relationship trumps service.

Relationship trumps product quality.

In the end, the relationship is what matters most.

Is it an overstatement? Maybe, but we all know that relationships are what make life exciting . . . with family, friends, coworkers, or clients. The older one gets, the more one appreciates those close relationships which have been tempered by time and shared experiences. Time, shared experiences, and common values serve to forge our relationships into friendships that last a lifetime. I have found this to be true in my real estate career and it is certainly true of the core of Austin Executives Association.

That is what makes the Austin Executive Association (AEA) stand out. Many of the relationships found at AEA are not months or even years old, but decades. One might think that it would be difficult to break into such a group, but actually the opposite is true. AEA is a very welcoming, diverse group of professionals who value meeting and getting to know people of all walks of life. We believe our differences are enlightening and stretch our reach – personally and professionally.

But back to relationships . . . .

Many pundits proclaimed that the Internet would be the end of real estate agents, but ironically the opposite is true. A recent National Association of Realtors survey found that while the Internet was the first place most buyers looked for home listings, the number of Americans who used a Realtor to help them with their transaction is actually UP!I think I can hypothesize as to why. The Internet is providing buyers and sellers incredible information about home features, neighborhoods, photos remodeling trends, and staging suggestions. But when it comes to committing one’s lifesavings to a purchase, people want someone they trust to guide them through the process. The digital support only goes so far. Clients are increasingly looking for human guidance when making some of the biggest decisions of their lives. Again, it is all about relationships . . . trust, values, experience.

Jeff Stewart, CCIM Broker Associate
Stanberry Commercial, Realtors