Patty Arnold head shot 297x300by Patty Arnold, attorney

Austin Executives Association (AEA) has been a great resource for our business and for us personally. Some AEA members have become our clients and some have referred others. It is not just a source of business for us, but also a source of information. When we have need of expertise, a contact, or a referral, AEA membership is able to provide the information we need.

AEA is about quality more than quantity. Whether giving or getting a referral, at heart it’s based on confidence in a person’s abilities and integrity, and not meeting a quota.

Relationships matter in AEA. We have a solid core of members who have belonged to AEA for decades. Because we care about each other personally, members support each other during personal challenges or family crises. We welcome new members, and actively include them in activities and referrals.

Patty Arnold
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